Sweaty Betty: The leggings you will never ever want to take off!

Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, has clearly never bought a pair of Sweaty Betty leggings. Yes, it is gym gear and yes, we wear them around the clock. This brand has redefined the "Bum Sculpting" leggings game!

Now, its no secret that I am a huge Sweaty Betty fan. If you follow me anywhere you know its essentially all I wear for my workouts and to be honest ... its mostly all I wear full stop. After literally being locked down at home for months this year, I have now accumulated leggings to see me through 24/7 easily.

I have gym leggings, chill leggings, work from home leggings, housework leggings, Saturday night leggings and shopping leggings! All of them in black and most of them in one or two other colors. I usually choose the high waisted and 7/8 lengths model, just because I like to see a bit of skin between legging and sneaker to break it all up a little.

Power 7/8 Gym Legging in Camo Tonal Print // Harmonise Sweater in Charcoal

The London based company is literally obsessed with providing the best fabrics in the world. Their ultra light, sweat wicking materials are hugely famous and their bum sculpting designs are so flattering, no matter what body shape you have.

But it's not just the legging design they got right! From ultra comfy sports bras to luxuriously soft breathable bamboo shirts (especially designed with Yoga and Pilates in mind) there is so much to choose from and the choices are endless. Recently I purchased the Harmonise Sweater in charcoal (above) and I am loving it. In fact I also have the Power 7/8 gym leggings in camo tonal black ... and it looks fantastic together (just like on the photos above)!

Here is a little overview of the (oh, so important) lengths choices we get with Sweaty Betty: